Emma started work as Director of Music at Tockington Manor School in September 2008, teaching class music from Nursery to Year 8 (ages 2 – 13). She has shown herself to be an inspirational teacher particularly noticeable with singing. As a result of which our choir won the top prize at a local Eisteddfod, bringing tears to many eyes with their performance of The Gaelic Blessing and gaining high praise from the judge. In Music she has developed the breadth of peripatetic instrumental teaching, resulting in a growing orchestra and many memorable concerts.

Richard Tovey, Headmaster, Tockington Manor School.


I find Emma to be an incredibly thoughtful and intelligent educator. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of child development and is extremely sensitive to the needs of special learners. She is well read in the various approaches to music education, with Music Learning Theory being of special interest to her teaching.                                                                

Emma is extremely musical and has a great appreciation for the folk songs of her country. I had the opportunity to watch Emma teach my second and third grade students a British folk song. They were mesmerized by her beautiful singing voice and effortless approach to teaching. Emma moves beautifully and has a special interest in folk dancing as well.

Throughout the two-week summer certification at the University of South Carolina, I had the opportunity to watch Emma engage with both young children and her peers. She was playful and engaging with her young students (6-weeks to 5 years). She was sensitive to the needs of the group, but also able to meet the musical needs of the individual child as well. Emma was also a leader among her peers. She helped and encouraged others as they worked through the intense course material, and led small groups through musicianship.

Emma is a wonderful colleague. She was well received by children and peers alike in all learning environments. She is kind and thoughtful and will contribute meaningfully to any school setting.

Jennifer Bailey, MM Temple University, Elementary Vocal Music Teacher, Michigan, USA.

Adult Vocal Student

Adult Cello Student

Youth Cello Student


Richard Lucas – Head of Uplands Primary School