Emma’s concept of music education

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Emma integrates a cognitive approach to the development of the musical mind within a wider holistic and creative framework. She highly values Dr Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory, which she finds indispensable for establishing sequential curricular objectives in accord with her own teaching style and beliefs. Her teaching approach has audiation at its foundation. Audiation is Gordon’s term for hearing music in the mind with understanding. Audiation is to music as thinking is to language. Audiate music and students can learn to create and improvise, perform and accompany themselves and others, and read and write notation with real comprehension and joy. Emma is passionate about designing a soul rich journey to high-level musical literacy and expression. She ensures the music learning process is meaningful and emotionally enriching for everyone involved (student, teacher, parent, community), with inspiration, discipline, innovation, joy, impeccable standards and the generative development of each student at the heart of the process.